rainy thurZZZday

I sit at the checkout desk, staring out at the peninsula through the pouring rain. "laid back beach music" on Pandora. It's been just over a month since MOYO opened its doors, and while there's ALWAYS something to do, order, pay or organize, I feel like I'm finally relaxing and settling in a bit. Getting into a groove. SUPPOSEDLY the crowds will be arriving here in Blue Hill soon. I will gladly let them swoop in and clear my shelves - ADORE everything, gush MOYO with praise and be consumers galore. I mean, there is awesome merchandise in here, if I do say so. It's been so interesting to be at the helm of a retail store instead of just an employee. I'm the neurotic one about merchandising and rearranging product like Annie Wilkes rearranged her little figurine penguins in "Misery". Ok, maybe not to THAT degree of psycho, but I do want everything JUST SO. And why wouldn't I? I AM MOYO.

I've finally taken a MOYO tank and sweatshirt off my rack to wear. Advertise wherever I go...plus they're fabulous. I've laughed about wanting to shrink-wrap my car with the MOYO logo. "There's the moyomobile!" Like the Weinermobile! Who am I kidding, there is NO competing with that hot dog on wheels. I just want people to know I'm here...and this is all just because I'm still feeling like people don't know. I'm tucked back behind another store via a deck. But it's only been a month. They'll find me. Word will get out.

As exhausted as I am, this is the first time, maybe ever, that I've just truly loved coming to work. I've liked other jobs I've had, true, but I think this new-found happiness is because I'm my own boss. I am in complete control of everything - the buck stops here :)  But really - having creative control and fulfilling MY vision is what it's all about. I've chosen everything - from paint color for the walls, to furniture, to logo, and of course inventory. I've designed the stickers, tee shirts and hats. And I get to choose the music and volume...(80s New Wave now). Customers have said they love coming in, and feedback about inventory has been great - so all these details that create the MOYO vibe are having a positive effect.

It has been a slow, rainy June day. If I had a couch, it would be tempting me to lay down and catch up on some lost zzzzz's. (kidding) No couch (yet), PLUS I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be sleeping on the job. I mean, what would the boss say?!

The 4th of July weekend starts in a few days. This year I will also celebrate my creative and financial independence. Let the fireworks begin!