What is "IT"? Can you buy it? Are you born with it? We all seem to recognize it when we see it. Actually, maybe not all of us. That's the difference.

IT separates good from great. IT is a sparkle that gives someone charisma, a glow, a presence. For me, IT makes me want to spend time with someone. That someone has humor, wisdom, a calming demeanor. IT leaves a mark on me. IT is an energy, a vibration, an aura. IT is the things that are said, or maybe more importantly, the things that aren't said. 

There's a lot of horrid energy floating around the world right now. There's a lot of posturing and ranting and excuses being made. IT doesn't exist in our president - he is, to me, an example of the worst kind of behavior and kindness. A detractor of IT - those around him cannot even begin to discover or exude their IT. He's like Pig-Pen - a cloud surrounds and follows him, collecting and trapping dirt. Hey, it's not just our president who's a Pig-Pen. They're in town, at work...on social media. Sometimes our friends become Pig-Pen-esque, or even our family. My dogs never become Pig-Pen. Anyone who knows me knows that my obsession with my dogs is strong. They're perfection. They're Snoopy. Snoopy's rad to me...but pick your favorite Peanut.

It's hard to say if people are born with IT or if life circumstances and choices develop IT.  Nurture and grow IT. Is IT within us all? I think it's safe to say IT can't be bought. A deep pocket isn't deep enough, try as they might. You can see and feel the difference of genuine IT and a desperate attempt at IT...or I can. The older I get this difference is SO clear to me. Too much has happened to me to not demand the genuine. I think I always have but the older I get, the demand is much stronger and more important. More Snoopy, less Pig-Pen.

I have allergies, and the dust surrounding some people just causes a reaction. It may be a stupid analogy but it's true. Some people don't have allergies, or that allergy in particular. Actually I think some people don't listen to their bodies. The allergens are all around, and it's whether you choose to acknowledge a sensitivity that's important. Allergies aren't bad - take care of yourself and build up a strong immune system.

 I don't want to offend anyone who might not make my IT list by writing it here. Well I've listed my Snoopys. There aren't many who can compete with them. IT is real for me. IT is important and what I want. It's not a crock of shIT.