So the other day I came across a video by Dandapani who is a Hindu priest, speaker & entrepreneur. His demeanor, delivery and energy through the screen struck me. He spoke about Energy Vampires. In a nutshell, you can imagine what an Energy Vampire is - one who sucks your energy from you. But it was not that simple, for he went on to define categories of Vampires - either Temporary or Inherent. I’d had a conversation on this very subject recently with my mom - in fact I’ve had it several times, discussed emotional withdrawals and deposits. The analogy of a Vampire was so great. Especially as Halloween approaches :)

Does everyone “get” this? Or even think about it? Probably not. And those are more the Inherent type, the ones who don’t realize what’s going on around them. The ones who whirl in and out, surrounded by their own cloud of selfish dust. The Pigpens. So the difficult task is what to do when you’ve identified an Energy Vampire. How do you deal with it? You could lose a friend or family member if you basically tell them they’re sucking the life out of you and can’t hang out anymore. How does one navigate these waters? You have to look out for yourself and your energy reserves. As Dandapani put it, you’re either uplifted or drained by someone. Keep in mind though that the Temporary Vampires require empathy from us, so long as that category is clearly defined.

One might make an argument that everything could be labeled as temporary - and that it’s selfish, stubborn or possibly rude to make it anything other than that. Who am I to NOT look at someone’s life with empathy and understanding - to NOT realize that there’s always something going on - that we all have a story that the entire world may not be privy to. OK, true. BUT, I also believe that even with this truth, there’s an energy circle that envelopes us all. That we develop patterns and habits of behavior as we grow up. That perhaps we only get better at who we are (as the saying goes) and that inherently, regardless of life circumstances, there are those who drain energy instead of uplift or fulfill.

At times of contention, I have to remind myself not to keep engaging - to not hit the ball back over the court. To not tit-for-tat…especially when that exchange, even when trying to dispel an untruth, rumor or bad energy or killer statements being shot at you, doesn’t seem to make an ounce of difference on that other person’s belief or behavior. True for everyone, everywhere. Especially crucial now that we’re living in a political environment where the Cheeto in Chief and the Orange House are prime examples of engaging in exhausting verbal rallies and inflating and sending out hot air verbal balloons that eventually pop and spread bad energy and positivity-sucking dust into the world.

I read a post by Jay Shetty, an amazing man who used to be a monk and now is a host, storyteller, one of my gurus, etc :) and it read “Thanks to the people who walked into my life and made it better. Thanks to the people that walked out and made it amazing” Powerful. Now some may think that’s a bit harsh or drastic. Step back and look at it. It’s not. BUT, sometimes people don’t walk out and we need to walk away to make it amazing…step away from the vampires not fulfilling and uplifting you. Always be kind and polite. Always take time…and always take care of YOU.

You only have so much “blood” to give so beware of the Vampires.