so i'm rewriting this post because it didn't save. it's all about my "making lemonade out of lemons" and not having things "go my way". you know, like when things disappear on your website and you need to try to find them. or have to rewrite them. classic.  

it went something like...

i feel toppled by lemons. and of course there are two things to do when that happens: sit and let them get hard and rotten around you, or squeeze them into lemonade. i try, and always have, to not let things rot and ruin. my most recent gallon of lemonade was my trip to rhode island to help my parents move, time afforded to me because of a business deal that went sour. those lemons were never good from the start. can lemons be lemons? bygones.

it was a busy and exhausting trip. lifting, dragging, pulling, organizing. a good two week boot camp, really. i've got a bad shoulder and knees (lemons). it was emotional. good and bad. moving is on the list of one of life's top stressors. and it belongs there. i've done it a lot. i came back spent, and with no plan. i came back with new things on my mind, and with no plan. "no plan" means nothing clear. nothing resolved. i feel like a petulant child stomping her feet, wanting to scream and cry. i do the latter. so, with deep breaths, i'm planning a plan. i hear stories of wasted time saturated with regret, watch people living in their "stuck" (their words). i've had sticky, wasted regret. recently i began a sentence with "i wish i'd never..." and i felt sick. i meant it because of strong feelings associated with said event/place/location/people. flip side to that is any subsequent event/place/location/people that came about from that "i wish i'd never". so i try to channel anyone more zen than me, listen with positivity, and live with "don't look back, the future is bright". try to see a glass half full. even if it's sour. "acerbic" sounds better, no?  

lately i've been making my cocktails with freshly squeezed juice. that hand-held contraption squeezes the life out of those limes and lemons (ok, so it's not just lemonade). as of late, i feel like those fruit. wrung out. pity party, table for one - today's special is puckeringly sour. i'm tending bar and drinking my own concoctions.

you might think i'd mix horrible cocktails for us if you joined the party. all tart. and that the company might not be great. all tart. perhaps. but not forever. 

i won't be stuck a tart. let's get sticky sweet.